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Cleansing the skin - 

Skin Care 101

Cleansing your skin is skin care 101 and yet so many people are doing it wrong ☹ Todays marketing makes people think the more aggressive the better, really less is more so let’s talk basics!


Don’t cleanse your skin with hot or cold water!


Hot water will: irritate and dry the skin, strip the skin of its natural protective oils (we really need those!), can cause blood vessels to dilate leaving the skin red, and extreme heat can cause blood vessels to burst-resulting in broken capillaries.


Cold water: does not effectively remove daily grime and excess sebum, contrary to popular belief cold water does not tighten pores. However cold water can cause quick temporary constriction in the blood vessels, also resulting in broken capillaries.


The best temperature of water to wash the face with is lukewarm to slightly warm. This temperature does not cause extreme dilation or constriction of the capillaries and it efficiently removes grime and excess sebum.


Cleansing should be done with the hands in an upward and circular motion. Skin cells lay similarly to fish scales so you want to be sure you are getting properly cleansed. Cleanse twice if you are wearing makeup, the first cleanse emulsifies and removes makeup, the second cleanse actually cleans the skin. No make up wipes-this just rubs debris into the skin and requires too much stretching of the skin.


You should cleanse morning and night, no more than that in one day. Over cleansing the skin is a common problem that I see in both body and facial skin. It’s helpful to do your workouts in the morning or evening so you can perform your skin care regimen after workouts.

If you want a little exfoliation when cleansing, purchase a soft baby washcloth, wash with the cloth and cleanser 2-3 times a week. No skin type needs aggressive daily exfoliation, this is another issue I see that frequently that leads to skin issues. Over cleansing and over exfoliating prematurely ages the skin.  Finally, after cleansing the skin, pat dry with your towel. Instead of wiping, gently pat your skin leaving just a touch of moisture still on your skin.



Are you wondering why I say that people are cleansing the wrong way?

You may have heard mention recently about the skin microbiome, hydrolipidic film, prebiotics, and probiotics for the skin. Prebiotics and probiotics are trending in skincare to help repair comprised barriers but cleansing the skin properly should get the job done and leave your protective mechanisms in place.


The Hydrolipidic Film is a protective film that covers your skin, and consists of perspiration, sebum, water, and lipids. This film protects against the environment and free radicals, and locks in moisture to prevent dehydration and dryness. It also protects against non-resident bacteria, the skins natural bacteria act as cleaners for the skin, blocking the formation of unwanted bacteria and fungi.


The skins microbiome is like the gut microbiome, you have billions of helpful, friendly microorganisms living on the skin. The Microbiome exists within the Hydrolipidic Film and these two systems work together to manage the ph of the skin, protect from unfriendly invaders, and work with the skins immune system for healthy skin.


Over exfoliating, over cleansing, and over scrubbing can damage this wonderful, invisible ecosystem that your health greatly depends on. I believe the over cleansing and exfoliating of the skin is one reason that skin disorders are on the rise. Harsh personal care products are damaging the microbiome/film leaving our body exposed, unprotected, and reactive.


Have a facial with me and let’s ensure you are cleansing well and don’t have a comprised barrier 😊


Cleanse well my friends!

     ~Jennifer Ashley~

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