Tattoo Removal

There is a new method of removing tattoos other than laser removal which causes many complications. A more natural, less invasive method called Saline Tattoo Removal.

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About tattoo removal:

Today there is a new option for Tattoo Removal instead of Laser Tattoo Removal!

Saline Lightening and Saline Tattoo Removal is a more natural option of tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal requires many sessions, can scar the skin where pigment was removed, and remove your option to have new brows or lip tattoos done in the area, and laser pushes pigment into the body to be removed by your lymphatic system. The other downside to laser tattoo removal is not all lasers can reach all colors in the depth of the skin, so you may have to see multiple laser technicians to remove all the color.

Now we offer LIFT Tattoo Removal which is saline tattoo removal. LIFT is a combination of sterile saline, a specific blend of salts and fruit extracts to remove Cosmetic Tattoos and small traditional tattoos. It typically removes tattoos in 3-5 sessions, works on botched ink for Emergency Tattoo Removal within 48 hours, and can be used on traditional tattoos up to the size of a playing card.

Saline Removal works by Osmosis, using a tattoo device the serum is entered into the skin causing the skin below the pigment with a lesser salt content to move upwards toward the skin with the higher salt content. Instead of pushing the ink into the body, saline tattoo removal pulls the pigment out through the skin. It does not scar the skin, you can still have that skin tattooed again, and saline removes ALL colors on the spectrum unlike specific laser removal.

Emergency Tattoo Removal

For cosmetic tattoos, brows, lips, lip liner.

*Must be done within 48 hours of initial session. The sooner the better.

Tattoo Removal Session

This service is for tattoos that have already set into the skin. We can use our LIFT tattoo removal serum to lighten and remove tattoos.

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"Amazing Lady very professional her tattoo removal is on point but I have to say it dose hurt a bit but….. gone! thank you Jennifer"


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