Skin Classic Treatments

Skin Irregularity Treatment

The Skin Classic is an affordable, non invasive, non laser, high frequency machine used for the correction of minor skin irregularities and imperfections. Most irregularities only require one treatment. The Skin Classic treatment assists you in having smooth, even toned skin creating a more homogeneous, healthy looking skin. Eliminating the rough textured, discolored irregularities creates a younger, healthier, more vibrant skin appearance!

Skin Classic consultations are $25, this fee will be applied toward your treatment cost if you decide to pursue the treatment.

All requests for skin classic treatments require a consultation to rule out medical contraindications and determine pricing. 

** Please be clear that Skin Classic Treatments ARE NOT removal services, they are a topical skin treatment that allows skin irregularities to shed naturally after treatment is performed.


Options for price:

-Pricing of treatment is determined in consultation. There is pricing per irregularity, grouping of irregularities (5 for $-), or if multiple and many irregularities exist there is pricing by time of treatment.

Only have one irregularity or want to try it out first? Here is pricing per irregularity:

Clogged Pores        $20 and up                     

(milia, blackheads, whiteheads, acne cysts)

-The skin classic treatment will dehydrate the sebum inside clogged pores allowing the blemish to heal and go away.

Syringomas           $55 and up

-A benign skin lesion that results from overactive sweat glands and cell build up, usually found around the eye and upper cheeks. Options are limited in treatment, the skin classic is the least invasive to treat these lesions, it dehydrates the lesion and turns over cell build up.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia          $25 and up

-A common benign condition of overactive oil glands and build up. the Skin Classic will dehydrate the sebum and turn over the build up of cells.

Telangiectasia      $40 and up

-Commonly referred to as Broken Capillaries, telangiectasia cause widespread redness throughout the face or certain areas of redness. These are enlarged blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin and cannot be treated with topical products. The Skin Classic is the least invasive way to treat these imperfections, medical treatments are invasive through IPL, injections, and laser therapy. The heat created with IPL and laser can potentially create more capillary breakage and damage sweat glands.


small      $35 and up

large       $50 and up

-Fibromas are benign lesions that are formed of fibrous or connective tissue and are an accumulation of extra cells within the skin. The Skin Classic dehydrates the extra cellular build up, allowing the skin cells to slough off so new skin can form.

Cherry Angiomas    $40 and up

-Cherry angiomas are made up of clusters of capillaries at the surface of the skin that form a dome, it can be bright red to purple in color. Cherries are harmless, benign and the cause of them is unknown, electrodessication with the Skin Classic is the fastest and easiest way to rid your skin of these red spots.

Flat Hyperpigmentation:

small     $35 and up

large      $55 and up

-Solar lentigos aka, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, and range from yellow-tan to brown to black. They are benign lesions that slowly increase in size and number and are sun induced. Skin Classic easily treats these spots for more clear, even toned skin.

Seborrheic Keratosis:

small    $35 and up

large     $75 and up

-SK's are noncancerous, benign skin growths that are seen more often as people age. The have a scab like, barnacle like, pasted on appearance and vary in color from light tan to black. The Skin Classic treats these lesions with no cautery, no incisions, no burning or freezing, and the treated lesion will shed naturally after treatment.

DPN-Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

small   $35 and up

large    $75 and up

-DPN is a condition of many small, benign lesions on the face and is common in ethnic skin tones from latino to african tones. Histologically, DPN resembles seborrheic keratosis. A good example is Morgan Freeman's facial spots, those are DPN.​

Skin Classic treats easily with no incisions, burning, or freezing.

Xanthelasma       $50 and up

-Commonly referred to as cholesterol deposits, xanthelasma most commonly occurs when a person has high LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels of the blood, but it is also seen in persons with normal readings. Treatment options are limited but Skin Classic treats easily and quickly.

Numbing Cream  $30

Lidocaine and benzocaine based numbing cream is used for certain treatment, requires 30 minute extra treatment time for numbing process.



Jennifer Clark L.E.

Skin Classic Certified

Book a consultation today and let me assist you in getting the beautiful, clear skin that makes you feel confident and secure!

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